Where to begin? Here, I suppose.

I’m Michelle.

As I write this, I am 21 years old (just turned this month). I am a student at McMaster University. I have a mother, a father, a brother, and a cat, though I live away from all of them.

I also suffer from mental disorders.
In March of 2011 I was diagnosed with dysthymia and anxiety. While this seems like something recent, as that was only a year ago, it was a long time in coming. If you know anything about dysthymia you know that it is a chronic form of depression, and that one must have it for at least 2 years before being diagnosed with it. I have early onset dysthymia (which means one must have it before the age of 21), and have had it since I was about 7; I likely had it before that age, as I remember deep sadness even younger than that, but I usually say 7 because that was the first time I considered my own death to be more favourable than living.
My anxiety comes in two forms: social anxiety and generalized anxiety. While the two takes turns at being in the forefront, I generally have considered the social anxiety to have a stronger affect than the other.
I also suffer from disordered eating, which stems from body issues, and issues of low self esteem.

I have been medicated for about 1 year, and have done therapy within that year. I am still working at getting better, but it is a lengthy process.

I opened this blog after a bout of depression this year, but never wrote anything. Last night I had another bad bout, which lead me to convince myself I better start writing.
This blog is the tale of me and my brain. Where we’ve been, where we are, and maybe where we are going.

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