~Rant Break~

Roommates. If you haven’t had any, you’ve surely heard a horror story or two about them. I, unfortunately, have had more than my fair share. Tonight, it is one particular one that has me annoyed though. We shall call her Nat, and I shall also call her a huge pain in the ass.



And Now For Something Completely Different

This post is a little different from those I have written before. A few months ago my┬ácounselor┬ásuggested that I write letters to my family explaining things, or complaining, or just saying whatever I felt needed to be said. These letters were not meant to be given to my parents, but were simply an exercise or a coping mechanism. I wrote three such letters. I dug up the letters again today, and thought I’d share them. Today, I’m going to post the one which is possibly the worst for me: the letter to my father.


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