~Rant Break~

Roommates. If you haven’t had any, you’ve surely heard a horror story or two about them. I, unfortunately, have had more than my fair share. Tonight, it is one particular one that has me annoyed though. We shall call her Nat, and I shall also call her a huge pain in the ass.

Nat isn’t from here. This is no excuse, but it perhaps plays into things a little bit. She is also the least educated out of all of us in the house (does this really matter? No, but it’s something that sticks out to me.). While the rest of us are all working jobs at schools, she is at a call centre. Another difference between her and my other current house mates is that she is very unfriendly. This is not to say that she is rude, I’ve never had her say anything of the sort to me, but she doesn’t even say hello, the least I’ve come to expect of somebody you live with. This doesn’t really make her a bad roommate, but it certainly doesn’t make her a good one.

The things that make her a bad roommate, are her uncleanliness, her irresponsibility, and her thievery. We shall start with the uncleanliness. We divided up the household chores; her responsibility is to clean the common areas (living room [where she spends the most time], entrance, and hall), but she has yet to do it once. We probably wouldn’t notice that she hasn’t if it weren’t for all the leaves she tracks into the house from going in and out to smoke. So, everyday, I track through her piles of leaves on the carpet, and everyday more leaves appear. Moving on to the irresponsibility, I would like to point out the importance of toilet paper. I am a big fan of toilet paper, and not at all a fan of having none in the house. We take turns buying toilet paper here, all of us but her, that is. We held out as long as we could, waiting for her to buy it (after we had reminded her multiple times). It never happened. One of the house mates eventually got the money from her to purchase it herself (thank god she’s better with people than I am). Another example of her irresponsibility is leaving electronics on. Perhaps this is not the biggest crime ever, but I’d prefer it if she didn’t leave the tv on so that the still image of her game burns into the screen. Now the thievery. I don’t think I’ve actually been a victim of this, but the other two housemates have. Food which has been prepared and is in the fridge disappears. If it happened once or twice, maybe we could let it slide, but it happens again and again, and we know it’s Nat.

Now, as always, my rants are spurred by something, whether it be a bout of depression, or a bad experience. Tonight, I was washing a few dishes late (midnight), and she complained about the noise. Fair enough. I am guilty of making noise late at night. She wasn’t in bed yet, she was just on the phone, but I understand the complaint. It was the hypocrisy of this that angered me. Having somebody complain about the noise who has blasted the tv volume far later into the night than this, does not bode well with me. Am I being petty? Yes. Am I whining? Yes. Do I have a bad roommate? Yes. Will I bring these things up to her? Never. Social anxiety, once again, you are my downfall.

My rant is over now.

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  1. I bet if you tell her “these are the things that bother me, and these are the reasons that I don’t enjoy living with you” then I’m sure you could get some sort of response from her. Don’t be afraid to speak your mid because if you don’t you will just become a doormat. A simple piece of furniture that she will track leaves onto.

    • I’m sure I will bring things up sooner or later, but there’s no point in doing it when I’m mad. I don’t know that she’ll change either, but at least I’ll have said something!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment


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