Out of Sorts

This will just be a quick, little check-in.

First off, I’d like to thank everybody for their support about my last post on my break up. I’ve not been able to really talk about the break up with anybody yet, so it was nice to have that outlet and to get other people’s responses.

So today, I should be writing a paper. No fear, the paper will get done, but I’m having a hell of a time concentrating. I have my book open, I know what I’m writing on, but I just can’t sit here and write it! I’m thinking maybe I just need to make a cup of tea, put on some music (for some strange reason, dubstep is good work/study music for me), and have at it. Good thing this isn’t a very important essay!

Also, while I feel as though I’ve been doing fairly well so far with the break up, today I really missed her. I’m stopping myself from contacting her, not because it would be hard on me (it is more hard for me to not talk to her at all, than to talk to her platonically), but because I want to give her the time and the space. I suppose it isn’t much different from missing my mum when I first went off to school; when you’re used to talking to somebody basically every day, it is hard on you when you cannot.

I guess I’m just a bit lonely or something, so if anybody wants to leave a comment and say ‘hi’, that would be sweet 🙂


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  1. inkedpen

     /  October 2, 2012

    I remember being in one of those, “I wonder what our first argument is going to be like, we’re never going to break up” relationships..then I said to myself, “I’m sorry Ink..we just can’t do this anymore”. What’s the moral here? I ono… just don’t go round tellin’ yourself it’s easier to be with someone else other than enjoying who you are. It’s difficult..but hey ask my ex.or wait…ask me?…ask me about my..me..ex?

    can’t be so difficult can it? Enjoy.

    – Inked Pen.


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