Compliment Yourself!

I believe that I have received more criticism in my life than I have praise. So if nobody else is going to praise me, I might as well! It really lifted my mood to write this list, and I highly recommend this activity to others.

20 Things About Me that are Good, or I Like

  1. I have beautiful eyes
  2. I am tall lol
  3. I am intelligent
  4. I am creative
  5. I appreciate the little things
  6. I do not over-spend
  7. I like to learn things from a wiiiiiide spectrum of topics
  8. I have a good sense of humour
  9. I am a decent cook
  10. I make delicious soup!
  11. I am ambidextrous
  12. I am punctual
  13. I have good grammar
  14. I am always trying to better myself
  15. I like making people laugh and smile
  16. I am enduring
  17. I am not afraid to be a little different and nerdy
  18. I am mature when I need to be, yet recognize when I can let loose and be a bit immature 😀
  19. I am able to form some very close kinships
  20. I am down-to-earth
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