Nearly half of …

Nearly half of people with dysthymia have a symptom that also occurs in major depression, shortened REM latency — that is, they start rapid eye movement (vivid dreaming) sleep unusually early in the night.

from the February 2005 issue of the Harvard Mental Health Letter

When I read this, I laughed as I said to myself ‘Not me! I don’t go to sleep early enough for this!’. Then I laughed some more because only I would tell myself a joke that bad.




Just in case any mad Ontarians stumble upon my blog, please allow me to forward the cordial invite to the Mad Hatter’s tea party of the first ever Mad Pride Hamilton!

Any questions not answered on the poster or the corresponding sites? You can always ask me, and I can put you into contact with the right people 🙂

Absence and My Summer Break(down?)

I’ve been away for a while. I went back home to visit family for what I expected to be a couple of weeks, but somehow turned into 44 days! While it was nice to see family and friends, it has not been the greatest start to my summer. Let me explain why…


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