My experience: meditation and mood

I know I’ve been missing for a long time – since the end of August – but I am alive! I’ve been writing a lot recently…just not on this blog. However, since I should be working on an essay right now, I thought this would be the perfect time to procrastinate and make a post. I have many things to talk about, but I’ll start with something small-ish and positive because we can all use a little positivity!

I took an introduction meditation course from September through November. It might have been a bit silly for me to take an introduction course, since I was not new to meditation, but the teacher was going over different types of meditation each week, so I got to learn about some types of meditation that I’ve never tried (and some I didn’t think of as meditation).

My memory is not the best, but I believe all the types we did were: breath, visualization, affirmation, mantra, prayer and spirituality, mindfulness, and introspective meditation[s].

Personally, I’d never considered that prayer and spirituality could be a sort of meditation (which is silly of me, since I am a spiritual person, and when I am getting in touch with my spiritual side I basically perform the same relaxation exercises as I would for meditation or hypnosis), nor had I considered that introspection could be meditation. Very interesting for me!

In case anyone is interested, I found breath and visualization meditations to be the core of all my meditations. No matter what type of meditation I was doing, breathing and visualizing always played a part. I found that mindfulness meditation was the most easy for me to fit into my day. Instead of changing my routine (ha! like I have an actual routine…) or changing what I was doing to go meditate, I could simply change how I was doing whatever I was doing. For example, if I was eating my dinner, I could just become more mindful of the tastes and textures, and slow it all down to make eating a meal a type of meditation (note: I don’t necessarily recommend to use eating as a mindfulness exercise. I’m kind of picky/sensitive, and after a while noticing the flavour and texture started to gross me out. Do at your discretion.) To quote my teacher: “Anything can become meditation in meditation mindfulness.”.

While mantra mediation is not really my thing, I feel the need to note how amazing the om meditation can be. I cannot even fully describe what it’s like to be in a room full of people chanting ‘om’ all together; the air vibrates with it. I tried listening to audio tracks of om mantras, but it’s not the same. You really have to be present to witness the power of it. Simply beautiful.

I’m still not great at finding time to meditate, but this course made me want to try. Every week, no matter how bitchy or sad I was when I went in, I left feeling lighter and happier. It helped that there were some amazing and positive people in the course (the class got quite small towards the end, so it was very intimate, and we got to know each other a bit). I feel incredibly lucky to have had this experience and to have spent time with great people.

So my tip: if you can enroll in a meditation course, you really should do it! It’s great for your mood and for throwing off some stress and anxiety, and you might make some friends!

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