Brief Thank You + Blurb on Eye Contact

First off, I’d like to say thanks to all the lovely people that have followed this blog. I don’t know for sure that you’re all lovely, but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt! While I’m no superstar blogger, I’d not really expected many people to read my posts; it’s pretty cool that some people are interested in my rambles. So, dear reader/follower/whoever you are: thank you!


On Eye Contact

I’m terrible for not making eye contact with people. I am generally alright with it once I am comfortable with a person, but until that point, it is unlikely that my gaze will ever reach theirs. This isn’t very good. I mean, who would want to say hello to a person that won’t even look at them?! So I thought I’d do a little CBT. I challenged myself to try looking people in the eye when on campus. I didn’t have a set number in mind, but I was going for something like ‘the more, the better’.

My first observation: I walk with my eyes on the ground. It was odd to walk on campus with my chin lifted. I figure, if nothing else, this will help my posture!

Second observation: everybody else walks with their eyes on the ground. It is really, really difficult to make eye contact with people who won’t look up.

Third observation: of those who make eye contact, generally, a small smile is exchanged or nothing at all. Nothing catastrophic happens.

Fourth observation: habits die hard. I often found myself glancing away from people at the last moment, as though I didn’t want them to know that I dare look upon them. I’m working on this.

Tentative conclusions: I’m stuck between two possible conclusions. One is that I am quite amazingly hideous, and no one wishes to look at me. The other is that other people are just as afraid to look people in the eye / we’ve been trained not to look people in the eye.

I can’t say for certain, but I’m leaning toward the latter conclusion.

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