“I’ve never heard you talk so much!”: A Guide of Sorts

The is a repost/crosspost of something I wrote on Reddit (/r/socialanxiety). I thought I’d share it here as well, since it is applicable, and possible useful to somebody! I felt the need to write this, because I’ve seen people discussing, and it seems that some are a bit puzzled.

When people say things like “I’ve never heard you talk so much!”, “I’ve heard you speak more in the past five minutes than I have in the past five years!”, etc., generally, they aren’t trying to be assholes.

They may be ‘making fun of you’ in that the comment may be meant as light-hearted teasing, but that’s a good thing; that means they like you and/or are enjoying listening to you!

If it isn’t meant as a teasing comment, then they are remarking on it because that’s how you keep a conversation going – by saying something! That’s a good thing, too, because it indicates you are not so awful that they are attempting to flee the conversation.

So what do you do if somebody says this to you? I suggest you either laugh or shrug at the comment and reply with something to the affect of “Yeah, I don’t generally talk a lot.”, “I just really enjoy this topic!”, “I guess I’m just in a talkative mood today!”, etc.. Alternatively, you could express that you are shy and it takes you a while to warm up to people.

Of course, there might be somebody who means it in a cruel way. In such a case, I recommend still using the same response, and try not to let them know that their comment offended you.

Hopefully this helps somebody. Keep on being awesome (because you are, you know)!


Goodbye Therapy

I have been seeing the same counselor for about 2 years. Today was my last appointment with her. This is because I am graduating and moving. It wasn’t a very long appointment, but there were a lot of emotions packed into it.

I looked back over my time at university; I changed a lot in four years. I can confidently say that I am a million times better than I was. I know now that I am capable of being happy. That people don’t hate me (not generally at least). That I can adapt to major life changes.

I was lucky, I have only had good experiences with therapy and counselling. For me, it was my time to finally explain to somebody all the shit that goes on in my brain – and damn, there is a lot of shit in there! I actually looked forward to going to counselling, because even though there were times when it was hard, and I would cry, there were more times when I could laugh and work through things.

Thanks for everything, Carla. ^_^

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