Goodbye Therapy

I have been seeing the same counselor for about 2 years. Today was my last appointment with her. This is because I am graduating and moving. It wasn’t a very long appointment, but there were a lot of emotions packed into it.

I looked back over my time at university; I changed a lot in four years. I can confidently say that I am a million times better than I was. I know now that I am capable of being happy. That people don’t hate me (not generally at least). That I can adapt to major life changes.

I was lucky, I have only had good experiences with therapy and counselling. For me, it was my time to finally explain to somebody all the shit that goes on in my brain – and damn, there is a lot of shit in there! I actually looked forward to going to counselling, because even though there were times when it was hard, and I would cry, there were more times when I could laugh and work through things.

Thanks for everything, Carla. ^_^

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  1. Awwww, I”m glad you had an awesome counsellor! I have an awesome one as well!

    • That’s excellent; I’m always happy to hear when people have good relationships with their counselor(s)!

  2. End of an era, such a difficult journey but onwards and upwards.


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