Exercise! -or- Oh God, Every Part of Me Aches

I’m pretty good at lying to myself. One lie I have convinced myself of in the past: I’m in decent shape.

I’m not.

I don’t look like I’m unhealthy at first glance. My BMI is right in the ‘normal’ range. However, my body fat percentage is a bit higher than it should be, as is my heart rate. I’m not unhealthy, but I’m healthy either.

I work on this sometimes.



Activity: milkmilkmilkmilkmilk

I came across this post┬áthe other day. I encourage you to check it out yourself, but I’ll describe the bare bones idea that I wanted to share with you. The suggestion is, that if you repeat a word or phrase over and over and over, it will begin to lose its meaning. Try it with a random word – the post uses ‘milk’ – and say that word as many times as you can for the next minute or so. You’ll notice that the word begins to sound weird and doesn’t really make sense anymore. You can also do this with words that are a little bit closer to your heart, like ‘stupid’, ‘ugly’, ‘worthless’, etc..

I think this could be a great in-the-moment disarming technique! Next time you are in a slump and ruminating on something, why not try repeating that thought ad nauseam? It might just help break the cycle of rumination. I’m going to try it!

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