Psych Central’s Best of the Web + Welcome!

Yesterday, I received an email from WordPress informing me I had a new subscriber…and then another…and then another. I don’t normally get an influx of subscribers on days when I’ve not posted anything. I figured that someone must have linked to my blog. I was right: Psych Central’s blog did.

I’ve been placed on the list of Psych Central’s Best of the Web – Top Ten Depression Blogs of 2014! What an honour for such a little blog!

So, welcome all you newcomers! I’m glad you’re here ^_^

I’m glad all my veteran readers are here, too.

If you haven’t, check out the other blogs on the top ten list; I know I will be!

I’m hoping to get some new posts up soon. I’ve been a bit busy with school lately, and (who’da thunk it) rather depressed. Keep an eye out for my upcoming post on depression-imposed ‘house-arrest’ (I’m allowed to leave the house…I just don’t).

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  1. lifeofmiblog

     /  November 11, 2014

    Well done Michelle…a little recognition goes a long way. Keep up the work.


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