‘This Insane Life’

Cover of ‘This Insane Life’, Issue 2

A while back, I contributed a piece of writing to a really cool project – the Hamilton Mad Students Collective zine (a small, self-published magazine) ‘This Insane Life‘. The zine is made entirely by students from Hamilton who [self] identify as ‘mentally ill’, ‘crazy’, ‘nuts’, ‘mad’, ‘disabled’, ‘survivors’, etc.. This is the second issue they’ve produced, and it’s pretty awesome.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can buy a hard copy of the zine through the Mad Pride Hamilton Etsy page, or download a free PDF copy from the Hamilton Mad Students Collective website. You can also check out the Etsy and download page for the first issue.

Many thanks to Alise and all the others who put so much hard work into the zine!


Little Things

Sometimes, people with depression can forget to appreciate the little things. The dark thoughts can cast a dark shadow that hides small pleasures. I know there are many simple things that I take for granted. However, there are many that I do truly appreciate.


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