This is a Depression Blog in 2015 + Reader Polls

I’ve told myself more than once that I will strive to post more often on this blog. Perhaps if I tell you, the reader, I will be more likely to follow through. That’s my blog goal for 2015: more frequent posts! We’ll see how it goes…

Some more plans for the blog:

I’m going to add a page with links to other blogs that I follow and I think others might be interested in checking out.

I’d like to make some design changes, but let’s not hold our breath – my web design skills are nothing to marvel at.

What I’d like your feedback on:

First, I’ve been considering doing either some podcasts/audio blogs or vlogs. I would not be switching formats – most posts would still be written – but I think there is something intimate about such forms of communication. Is this something I should pursue? I will give forewarning that I do not have a radio voice!

Second, I’ve been receiving some requests for me to promote or mention products (books, websites, etc.). I don’t strictly have a problem with promoting something I think has value. There are things which I have promoted or wish to promote without any prompting from the creators. I’m somewhat hesitant to do requested promotions, though. On one hand, I don’t want to inundate you with promotions or advertisements, and I don’t want to blog to become a simple vessel for promotions. On the other hand, if there are products and/or resources which could be useful, I’d hate to pass them by. If I were to do this, I would make it clear that it was a requested promotion (perhaps a small disclaimer at the top of the post), and, when applicable, I would include an honest review of that product. So, give your feedback! If there is a resounding ‘No, no promos!’, then I’m happy to go along with that.

Thanks! Your input means a lot; this blog isn’t just for me!

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