On having stuff and things

I am not a particularly materialistic person. I enjoy owning things, of course – I like having a laptop for computing, cookware for making tasty things, etc. But I get fed up with having so much stuff.

My family hoarded things. In part, it’s a habit you pick up from poverty. You hold onto things because you don’t know if you’ll be able to afford to replace them. You hold onto things that are broken or worthless because they might have a purpose one day. Before you know it you’ve got all this stuff that you don’t use.

I’m guilty of this hoarding on a small scale. I hold onto things that I think I might be able to use for arts and crafts. I’ve got scraps of paper, and pieces of string, and stones that I might use one day – not today, and not tomorrow, but, maybe, one day. A cleverer person would probably throw them out.

Every once in a while, I get the urge to live a much simpler life, and I start getting rid of things I don’t need or want. It’s not easy. I second-guess myself (might need it later, might want it later). Yet, I’ve never run into a situation where I’ve needed something I’ve gotten rid of.

There are also things I might want. I want more tech gadgets, and I want more cookware. But I don’t need these things, so I don’t get them. It’s pretty simple.

I’m happier living without so much stuff. However, I’m surrounded by people who think differently. It can be straining. I have friends and family who just keep buying and collecting things they don’t need. It grinds my nerves. I’ve learnt not to question them (Why are you buying that? You don’t need it.), because they get very offended (wanting something is a good enough reason for them to get it). I guess if they can afford the stuff, and they have space for it, it is their prerogative. I don’t really understand it though.

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  1. lifeofmiblog

     /  March 16, 2015

    Ouch! That hurts….guilty as charged. If you read my post on our recent move you will have noticed it took us weeks to move due to down sizing and an over collection of important things (now wait for it….since we got in we have started buying again – only necessary things though to compliment our new lifestyle!)
    In my defense I will say that I tend to box things up, the concept being that if I haven’t needed to retrieve it in the next twelve months I will throw it out without opening the box…sounds good.

    • Oh no, I don’t want this post to sound accusing! It’s great to have things that we love. But I think we all get bogged down with stuff we don’t love or need.

      Boxing things up seems like a good method. I’ve seen it recommended often. But I’ll admit, the idea of throwing out a box without even looking through it gives me a fright. I’m not strong enough for that! haha

      • lifeofmiblog

         /  March 16, 2015

        Yeah I generally wait until I am in a black mood, then it’s much easier…I just pretend it’s me I’m throwing in the bin 😃

      • haha okay, that I can see myself doing, possibly while muttering ‘I won’t need any of this anyway. I’m just going to die, cold and alone, without anything…’

        but that’s probably when we should be holding on to the stuff, telling ourselves it is just as precious as we are!

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