Promo: depression-inspired tattoos

If you like tattoos you might be interested in checking out this slideshow of depression-inspired tattoos at There are some pretty cool tats, and some touching stories. If you have a depression-inspired tattoo, you can share a photo and your story  (the details and fine print are right through the link).

I actually have a depression tattoo (though for privacy reasons, I’m keeping in under wraps [I say on by blog full of my inner thoughts!]). Depression has been a part of my life for so long, it felt right to have it physically imprinted on me. People misunderstand it. They think it’s a shooting star. The tattoo artist almost oriented it so that it way, but I corrected him. It’s not a shooting star; it’s a falling star. That’s what I feel like sometimes. Beautifully tragic. But if people want to think of me as a shooting star – beautiful and lucky – I’m okay with that, too! 😉

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  1. Promo update: depression-inspired tattoos | This is a Depression Blog

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