Something to Live For

Lately I’ve had this pervasive thought. It is this: I have nothing to live for.

It’s not necessarily true. I have family, and I have friends. I even have school. It seems like that is enough for many people.

I’m not sure if it’s enough for me. I don’t see much of my family or my friends. Other than my brother, nobody is near by. School is just school. I don’t love what I currently study enough for it to emotionally sustain me.

I don’t have a significant other. I don’t have friends/family/peers (other than the aforementioned brother) that often. I don’t even have a pet.

It makes it harder to get up in the morning. It makes it harder to keep going.

It’s not easy for me to motivate myself to go on for myself. Yet, I think that’s what I need to be able to do.

So this is the plan: I’ll keep going. I’ll keep going until I find something to keep me going or until I’m good at going on for myself (practice makes perfect). Eventually, I think I’ll come across something to live for.

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  1. lifeofmiblog

     /  March 25, 2015

    I think that’s a common problem and you don’t have to be alone to have it. I have people and things but that same thought persists. I think it is because when you have someone or something, you start to believe that you don’t deserve them/it and they would be better off without you because all you ever do is hurt them or bring them grief!
    I think it is the sickness and the change of circumstances wont change it much….sorry, don’t mean to be negative…

    • You make a good point. I’ve definitely felt that way even when in a better situation. I might have to make a Part II to this post. Do you mind if I quote your comment?

      • lifeofmiblog

         /  March 26, 2015

        No problem…if you think I am worth quoting.

  2. Looks very positivity in this article. This types of blog surely help people who suffer from depression. Best of luck for future post.

  1. Something to Live For II | This is a Depression Blog

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