RE: ‘Ces dépressifs qui se cachent derrière un sourire’

Salut and bienvenue!
Mon français est très rouillé (et peut être un peu ‘québécois’), mais, j’essaye…
Je suis honoré d’être mentionné dans l’article dans Madame (Le Figaro).
Je suis content que vous êtes ici ^_^

Hello and welcome!
My French is very rusty (and maybe a little ‘Québécois’), but, I’m trying…
I am honoured to be mentioned in the article in Madame (Le Figaro).
I’m happy that you are here ^_^

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  1. lifeofmiblog

     /  May 29, 2015

    Well that’s just great for French speakers but it means nothing to me!!! Infact it could give the wrong impression as the only words I understand are “depression blog” and “&$@?”….hate to think what they were saying about your blog!!!!

    • LOL Never thought of that! But from what I understood (good thing it wasn’t a video, I’m so out of practice, I basically only understand written French at this point), it seemed like nice things.

  2. I get some of it, my French is rusty,left Montreal many moons ago,keep writing!


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