Treatment update #2

Hi all!

I’m here to update you on how I’ve been doing.

In short: okay.

I’m continuing to take 125 mg of sertraline daily. This may change in the next month or two a) to see if a different medication works better for me, and b) because of side effects (add me to the long, long, long list of SSRI-takers who notice sexual side effects). In the past, I took bupropion (300 mg daily) in addition to sertraline, and this made a bit of a difference. So I may be prescribed that again, but who knows?

I’ve also started therapy; the wait list wasn’t quite as long as I expected! My therapist and I are using a combination of interpersonal therapy, ACT, and mindfulness. We’re off too a bit of a slow start, but I think things are going well overall.

I’m still volunteering. I’ve been going to job-searching workshops. I’ve made a friend! So my social life is considerably better than it has been in the past couple of years. Of course, socializing gives me anxiety, but I push on as best I can.

There are still “sad days” – days where I feel down and depressed for no good reason. But these days are less frequent now, and I don’t get quite as depressed. I figure if I have the occasional day where I lie in bed for an hour or two and feel bad for myself, that’s not as bad as spending a day or two in bed feeling bad for myself.

I’m not cured yet – I doubt I ever will be – but I’m doing okay, and that’s good enough for today. 🙂

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