Singled Out: Michelle Has Never Been Anywhere

Today was the last of three days of training for my summer job (if you remember my post not so long back worrying about finding employment, I managed somehow!). One task which could be assigned is going to the airport to pickup our guests. There were 60-70 of us there for training, and it is possible that any of us could have to go, even if it isn`t in our particular job description (though it is for me). To make sure everyone would be up to the task, our boss said “Now, I`m not trying to embarrass anybody, but has anyone not been to an airport?”. Out of those 60-70 people, I was singled out, as I was the only one who had never been to an airport in my life. I passed it off by saying I was from the country, and therefore far from all airports, and that does play into the matter. (more…)

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